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QUESTIONS? For questions regarding any of the Sourcing Events listed on the "Open for Bid" tab below, access the Sourcing Event and submit your questions through the Q&A board prior to the Q&A closing date. For questions related to technical issues after the Q&A closing date OR questions regarding any of the Sourcing Events listed on the "Closed" / "Awarded" tab, refer to the Sourcing Event contact person listed in the Sourcing Event.

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INCLEMENT WEATHER/EMERGENCY SITUATIONS: In the event of inclement weather or emergency situations, electronic bid or proposal submission date and times will remain unchanged. For construction/transportation bids that require additional documentation after bid opening, those documents will be required by 10:00 am on the first business day after County closure or delays. Please refer to the Sourcing Event for updated information, if any, on the time for Bid/Proposal submission. 

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